Miscellaneous: A few things of note…

— Many blogs entered our “Link RWN & Win Contest“, but only a few sent us enough traffic to qualify. Here are the blogs that qualified…

IMAO, Right We Are!, The Catholic Samurai, Gut Rumbles, 4Ranters, Sgt. Hook, & Curmudgeonly & Skeptical.

And the two big winners are…..Right We Are! & 4Ranters! Both of those pages gets ads on RWN’s main page. The other 5 blogs get daily news ads. Email me your ads and we’ll get them up!

— I’ve been thinking about updating RWN’s look. We’re not talking about a total site redesign here, just making the page look a little more shiny and new. Anyone who works on the page will at a minimum have to be familiar with PHP, CSS, & they’d need to be able to create graphics. Ideally, they’d also be familiar with Movable Type & MySQL.

If you’re interested, send me some pages you’ve designed, & your qualifications, and your rates…unless you love RWN and want to do the work gratis =)

— Just a quick tip for all the bloggers out there. If you haven’t already done so, submit your blog to Daypop, Blogdex, & Popdex. It may help you get more traffic, it helps get more Conservative stories out there, & it helps RWN get more posts to the top of the charts. Furthermore, it’s free, quick, & easy to sign up. So make sure you’re listed.

— Thanks to our advertisers! RWN appreciates the support of Those Shirts, Solomonia, & The Politiblog last month.

We also appreciate the continuing support of Between The Coasts, Zogby Blog, Electric Venom, & Ravenwood’s Universe.

Last but not least, much thanks to The Catholic Samurai, our newest advertiser.

Remember — their money pays for hosting, consultants, interview phone bills, bandwidth, & all the other costs of running a blog. So show these pages that they were smart to advertise with RWN by taking a look at their blogs.

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