Missouri Town Rallies Around Cancer Stricken Child By Taking the “Cold Water Challenge” (Video)

For the past few days, I’ve seen my Facebook news feed filled with one video after another of local Tarkio residents jumping in the closest body of water they could find. Before they would jump, they would challenge three people to do the same.

Here are a few examples:

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What is this about?

It actually started as a personal challenge, but quickly turned into a way a town could rally around a cancer stricken baby named Landon Shaw.

As the Facebook page for the effort explains:

This page is to raise awareness for Baby Landon Shaw. He is a young baby fighting cancer. Landon and his family need prayers. Also donations to Landon’s family can be turned in at the Flower Mill in Tarkio Missouri. You can mail checks written to Landon Shaw to Flower Mill, 606 Main Street, Tarkio Mo, 64491. The idea is you plunge into cold water and challenge at least 3 people. You then say you will donate X amount of dollars for each who jumps within 24 HOURS! Remember you do not have to be challenged you can start the challenge without being challenged just find cold water within 24 HOURS! Thanks to all who have been raising awareness. Please share this page to those you know who have plunged for Landon! The family loves seeing the videos! When you share your video please change the privacy settings so that the family can see it. God Bless you all! KEEP PRAYING FOR LANDON!!

The Facebook page is one plunge after another, not only from Tarkio, but from other towns and other states.

Just to name some, I have heard of lots in Nodaway County, Liberty, Kansas City, Columbia, ARKANSAS, CALIFORNIA and so MANY more!!! This is so wonderful and GOD is GOOD!!

If you want to support Landon Shaw, you don’t need wait to be challenged. You can make your own video.

Or, if you don’t want to take the cold water challenge, you could help by sending any donations to:

Landon Shaw and the Flower Mill
606 Main Street
Tarkio, MO 64491


We have one from Afghanistan now. It’s gone global.

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