Mom & Grandmother give 16 year old tongue lashing and turn him into police for Armed Robbery [VIDEO]

This tough love tag team mother and grandmother take turns yelling at their son in the squad car after they find out he was involved in an armed robbery.

Problems with the police were the least of one Houston teenager’s worries when his mother and grandmother arrived to publicly scold him in the back of a squad car after his arrest earlier this month. Having already turned her own son over to the law for an attempted armed robbery, the boy’s mother, Deandra, was joined by her own irate mother outside the police station as a tough-love tag-team.

‘What did you do? You did do something. You wouldn’t be in this police car. What did you do?’ the 16-year-old’s grandmother is seen on video screaming at her grandson.

‘Take your butt to school and this wouldn’t happen, would it,’ his grandma adds for good measure.

The furious woman was demanding an explanation from the teen as to why his mother had escorted him to the police station after Houston police say a man reported two suspects tried to rob him at gunpoint near a northeast Houston gas station. Justifying why she turned her child over to the police, Deandra said that, ‘People work too hard for their stuff and somebody is going to shoot you.

‘I don’t want to see that, I don’t want to see that. I want for the best, and if this is what it takes for him to get help, let him get some help.’

She said she thought her son was out at a job interview when the armed robbery at the gas station was going on.

‘My husband said he was well-dressed so I thought maybe he was going to look for a job,’ she said to ABC 13. But when she found out police were looking for her teen, Houston police said this mom brought him back to the scene. Police say the 16-year-old teen and another 15-year-old boy are suspected in another nearby incident, and could face attempted robbery charges.

Check it all out on video here:

Parents of delinquents should be offered the opportunity to give a proper and public tongue lashing to their child before being taken to jail. Public humiliation from the parents might change the outcome for some of these delinquents. It would at least make for good news.

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