Monday Night Blogosphere Roundup

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Gun Sales Surge, Violent Crime Drops

Its hard to find any optimism with the healthcare disaster so close to being a reality, but glimmers of hope do exist. Democrats are actually pinning their hopes for the midterm on this unpopular healthcare bill. The rest of their strategy is to continue to blame Bush. That my liberal friends are actually celebrating this based off one modest bump in a CNN poll brings the optimism up another notch. Meanwhile the other half of liberals are making lists of why the bill should be killed. Don says there is no satisfying the liberals.

More Christmas hope: Five reasons it might fail!

Point of Law: Why the Reid bill is unconstitutional

Unbelievable! Can you believe a U.S. Senator actually prayed out loud on the Senate floor?

A conservative blogger friend is so afraid of this healthcare bill he crosses a line I can not, but I’m sure speaks for others afraid to say what he says. A Byrd dropping for Christmas? Seriously? Are you actually wishing death on someone on the birthday of Christ? I’m sorry folks, but I can’t go there.

Jammie Wearin Fool says so long to Rudy!
Gateway Pundit: Harry Reid Jabs Foolish Dem Senators Who Didn’t Get Their Goodies (Video)
Sister Toldjah: Senator Whitehouse joins the pro-ObamaCare smearmongers
Winds of Change: Dukakis Without The Administrative Skill
American Power: Paul Krugman: A Dangerous Nutroots Blogger
Melissa Clouthier: Tea Party Movement: Get Local But Be Vocal
Radio Equalizer: State Control?

A litle more Chrismas cheer?
Keep your chin up!
Big Government: Code Tea
Michelle Malkin: Cash for Cloture: Demcare bribe list, Pt. II
Gribbit: What lesson have we learned?
Hillbuzz: The Eight Day of Obamamas
Wide Awakes: Ben Nelson? Hell, What About The Other 59 Senators…

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