Moore And Osama

Last week, lefties all across the blogosphere got their noses out of joint because Chris Matthews pointed out that Osama Bin Laden, in his last video, sounded like Michael Moore:

“Why is [bin Laden] doing it? Why is he trying to track what he picks up in the internet and from the media as the lingo of the left in America, like Moore? Why would he start to talk like Moore? People misunderstood what I said last night. I think he’s getting some advice from people, he’s getting some lingo, some wordage that he hears working in the United States about this thing for war profiteers and he’s jumping on every opportunity. Is that what you are saying Joe?”

This drove liberals into a frenzy, which is quite ironic given two things.

#1) Bin Laden really did sound like Michael Moore. And John Kerry. And John Murtha. And Ted Kennedy. And Cindy Sheehan, etc., etc., etc. He compared Iraq to Vietnam, claimed our troops were torturers, talked about Abu Ghraib and Gitmo, hawked a left-wing book called, “Rogue State,” said Bush didn’t have a plan and so on and so on. It’s like he spent a few hours reading Michael Moore’s website along with the Daily Kos before he gave the speech.

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#2) It’s amusing that lefties are getting so huffy because Bin Laden’s rhetoric was compared to Moore when day in and day out they compare Bush and other Republicans to every nasty, rotten b*stard who ever lived. We’re evil, fascists, like serial killers, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Bin Laden, and of course, let’s not forget their favorite comparison, the Nazis.

For example, here are the results of a poll question I pulled off of the Democratic Underground earlier today. It’s called: Is Mike Malloy over the top when he calls the GOP the American Nazi Party?

No wonder Bin Laden apes the left: they’re defeatists who protest almost every security measure Bush pushes — claim we can’t win in Iraq, that our troops are torturers, that the Republicans fighting Al-Qaeda are evil, etc., etc. Quite frankly, Bin Laden really couldn’t come up with anything much worse to say about Republicans and the war effort than liberals do on a regular basis, so it’s not really surprising that he’s copying them.

Maybe, instead of getting angry with Chris Matthews for pointing out that Osama sounds like Michael Moore, liberals should ask themselves why Bin Laden would want to do so.

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