Nut-A-Day-O By Betsy Newmark

Hugh Hewitt highlights the wacky comments that Harry Belafonte said on CNN today.

HB: Mr. Blitzer, let me say this to you. Perhaps, just perhaps, if the Jews of Germany and people spoken out much earlier and had resisted the tyranny that was on the horizon, perhaps we would never have had Adolph Hitler and the Gestapo.

Gee, if the Jews had just spoken out against Hitler, none of the Holocaust would have happened? Hasn’t this guy ever read anything about World War II and the Holocaust? The first groups of people taken to concentration camps in the 1930s were political opponents of Hitler and those who criticized him. Public criticism of Hitler wouldn’t have done anything to stop Hitler. And the implication of Belafonte’s remarks is that it is, somehow, the Holcaust happened because the Jews and others simply neglected to speak out.

Belafonte thinks the Homeland Security Department is like the Gestapo.

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WB: And you think that what the Department of Homeland Security is doing to some US citizens suspected of terrorism is similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews?

HB: Well, if you are taking people out of the country, and spiriting them someplace else, and they are being tortured, and they are being charged or not being charged so they will know what it is that they have done, it may not have been directly inside the, inside the Deaprtment of Homeland Security, but the pattern, the system, it is what the system does, it is what all thses different divisions have begun to reveal in their collective. I mean, my phones are tapped, my mail can be opened. They don’t even need a court warrant to come and do that as we once were required to do.

The guy is delusional. Who are the people who have been spirited out of this country? How does he know that his phone is tapped? How can his mail be opened without a court order? Is he talking to Al Qaeda? Then he doesn’t need to worry.

The mere fact that this guy can go on TV and spout this nonsense is proof that he’s wrong. Do you think that someone could have gone public with such criticism of Hitler and not have been arrested by the Gestapo? Not only isn’t he not arrested, but he wins an award from AARP and gets to be all over the TV. (Though, AARP has issued a press notice that they want to disassociate themselves with some of Belafonte’s more asinine statements. The funny thing is that before they gave him that award Belafonte had already made his offensive comments to call Colin Powell a house slave, but that, apparently, wasn’t enough to stop them from recognizing him with an award.)

The question is why a respectable journalist like Wolf Blitzer would take the time to interview this guy. I mean, what has he done to rate public attention? The only reason he’s getting attention is because he says nutty things. If he were halfway rational, no one would care what he said. Wolf Blitzer should reassess his bookings. And colleges that bring in Belafonte in to make speeches and arouse the Bush-haters should ponder the insult to Holocaust victims of inviting someone who so disparages them by pulling out these comparisons at the drop of a hat.

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