Moscow Mayor Says No More Mosques Will Be Built in the City

Moscow Mayor Says No More Mosques Will Be Built in the City

They’ve got enough, apparently:


As Russia drifts ever closer to outlawing Islam altogether, the Mayor of Moscow, Russia’s capital city, has ruled that no new mosques will be allowed to be built for the city’s growing Muslim population.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced his decision in a recent interview with the newspaper Pravda. Interestingly, in the interview, Mayor Sobyanin admitted that Moscow “could not manage” without its large Muslim immigrants and temporary workers, but he still intended to ban new mosques.

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“No new building permits will be issued. I think that’s enough mosques for Moscow,” the mayor said.

I keep hearing that kid from Forrest Gump, only he’s saying, “Can’t pray here.”

I suppose it should have a Russian accent now though.

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