Mother jailed for ‘helping son set himself alight’ to post online in viral fire challenge craze

Mother jailed for ‘helping son set himself alight’ to post online in viral fire challenge craze

A mother is a protector and guide to her children by keeping them out of harms way and reproving them when they get into trouble. But this crappy North Carolina mother who forgot her job was arrested last week after allegedly assisting her 16-year-old son as he set himself on fire.

Janie Talley son on fire

Janie Talley, 41, has been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile after police say she filmed her son as he doused himself in fingernail polish remover July 29 as part of the viral ‘fire challenge’ online video craze. The boy sustained minor burns on his chest and neck as other people watching his stunt-gone-wrong managed to tamp out the flames.

‘[Talley] was present and aware of what her son (was) doing and facilitated the recording,’ police said in a statement that went out following Talley’s Wednesday arrest. It was the culmination of a days-long investigation that began when social services officials were tipped off about the video, which was posted to Facebook despite the boy’s injuries. Police then watched the video for themselves, which eventually led to Talley’s arrest, reports the Charlotte Observer. Her trial was scheduled for October 2.

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Meanwhile, several teens attempting the fire challenge across the country have been burned just like the 16-year-old in this case. A Kentucky 15-year-old doused himself in rubbing alcohol and suffered serious second degree burns across his torso in late July after putting a flame to it. Just this month, a California 16-year-old named Fernando Valencia set himself ablaze and suffered third degree burns which were deemed likely to require skin grafts. Facebook has said they intend to remove such videos as they appear, but several such ‘fire challenge’ videos remain readily viewable on YouTube.

In one particularly disturbing example that went viral the same day of Talley’s alleged crime, a young man screams in pain and fear as his torso goes up in a sheet of flames along with his acetone-soaks sweatpants. The camera continues to roll as some people watching the stunt manage to tamp out the flames and remove the burning trousers. The shocking stunt has gained nearly a million views on YouTube.

In this horrific video below you will see a boy lighting himself on fire and hearing his mother assist him to do it along the way. It is devastating to me too see that mothers are more concerned about the fame of social media stunts than the safety of their own children.

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