Mother jailed for sex with son, 12, while her lover watched the ‘sex lesson’

Mother jailed for sex with son, 12, while her lover watched the ‘sex lesson’

Of all my writings there has not been a story that has made me so utterly sick to my stomach. You know there is no hope for humanity when a mother is jailed for having sex with her 12-year-old son – while her depraved partner watched from abroad on a webcam.

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The 39-year-old mum wore headphones so her controlling lover could direct her as she abused the boy in their bedroom. The traumatised victim told police he could hear his mum being told what to do as she gave him a “sex lesson”. The sickening offence came to light when the mum made a complaint about her partner to a domestic abuse charity – and “blurted out” that she had abused the eldest of her two sons.

The court heard her “highly destructive” partner had so far escaped justice.

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Passing sentence, judge Michael Longman told her: “Your behaviour towards your son was contrary to human instincts and basic decency. It occurred after you met a man who clearly was controlling and over-bearing – a man who, it is also clear, should be prosecuted himself but is outside the jurisdiction and beyond the reach of this investigation. Even though he was at a distance from you, he continued to exert that influence. But you continued to behave towards your son in a way which, despite that pressure, your own instincts should have prevented.”

The court heard the boy was just 11 or 12 when the sordid incident took place at the family home in Bristol. It came to light when the mum made a complaint about her partner to Next Link Domestic Abuse Services in the city. Police were called to quiz the mum and interview her son.

Prosecutor Mark Hollier told Monday’s hearing: “In a very ordinary voice, he described an incident to the police officers about how his mother had given him a sex lesson in the main bedroom of the family home and this was observed by [the partner] via a webcam and computer link.”

Since time began mothers of all species have had the instinct to protect their young at all cost. What this “mother” has done to her son demonstrates a perverted culture where people can put their own offspring in danger because their own twisted selfish desires have become more important than their own posterity’s peace of mind. The sad thing is this story isn’t exclusive to this parent, the destruction of innocence by ones own parents is on the rise.

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