Mr. Levant goes to Washington

Ezra Levant — the Canadian publisher sued by an imam for publishing the “Mohammed” cartoons — addressed the Congressional human rights caucus yesterday.

Among other things, he advised them to put Canada on a watch list for human rights abusers, because of our censorious “Human Rights Commissions”, who’ve been going after everyone from Mark Steyn to Guy Earle, a stand up comic accused of insulting two lesbian hecklers.

As always (you remember Levant’s classic YouTube vids of his HRC interrogations, don’t you?) Levant’s remarks are terrific.

He has more on Islamic “soft jihad” and “lawfare” here. Beware, America, what we’re dealing with now is coming to you soon, especially if Obama gets elected.

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at Her new book about the Human Rights Commissions is due out in September.)

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