RNC Wants YOU To Help Pick Platform

Back on July 8th, I mentioned the Democrats are going to be having Platform meetings from July 19th to July 27 (which is a good way to keep the unhinged off the streets), to come up with the Democrat Party platform. I was not particularly nice about it

Apparently, Senator Neophyte isn’t capable of actually figuring out where he stands anymore, so he has to ask others to do it. Hope! Change! Absence of leadership and vision!

So, what do I see while perusing ye olde Bloglines at the American Princess’ place? E.M. has a post up about the GOP soliciting ideas for its own platform, and she writes

The TechCrunch articleasks why the Democrats haven’t launched a similar measure, to which I respond — two reasons: one, they aren’t stupid enough to advertise to the entire Internet that their party lacks a cohesive platform which will drive voters to the polling booths in November, and two, they probably had something similar on MyBarackObama.com, they realized it failed and went back to traditional social networking.

confused monkeySigh. The RNC (website here, and Facebook app here) is doing the same dumb thing as the Democrats, allowing the masses to pick the platform. On the surface, that is not a bad idea, involving the voters in picking the what the Parties should focus on. Then you start thinking, and realize that 1. people who have no intention of voting Republican are going to register and leave comments, 2. Republicans are just not in to the whole Internet social sheepling like Democrats, as we are too independent minded, and 3. maybe the RNC should already friggin’ know what the Republican voters want them to do by now. Oh, and 4. how about some leadership, RNC? Number 3 applies to Democrats, as well.

So, what are the policy positions that are important to people who vote Republican?

Limited government, stopping illegal immigration, national security, stopping gay marriage, love of America, reducing the scope of the federal government, low taxes, reducing government spending, wiser and more cost efficient spending, defeating Islamic extremism, doing away with some federal departments (such as the Dept. of Education), support of the 2nd Amendment, the Fair Tax, drilling on American “soil,” support for Christian ideals, support of the family, workfare not welfare, re-institution of the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Obviously, not all float every-ones boat, and there are certainly more.

For those who vote Dem?

Impeachment, socialized/nationalized healthcare, fixing anthropogenic global warming, putting America’s security in the hands of the U.N., pie in the sky energy programs, increasing taxes on the wealthy (i.e., those in a different tax bracket then the responder), more federal government involvement in everything (except the military, which needs to be reduced), legalizing illegal immigrants, instituting the Fairness Doctrine, gun restriction, reducing religion, military action that has no bearing on national security (but running away when something goes wrong), treating with terrorist leaders, and surrender in Iraq.

What did I miss?

In all seriousness, when it comes to deciding what to concentrate on, experts will say to concentrate on no more the 3 things, otherwise, focus gets lost. If you could pick three specific things to get done first, what would they be? For me, reduce federal spending, which can be combined with wiser and more efficient spending (one part would be to change the government monetary allocation system, which is a long post in and of itself),  go hard after Islamic extremists in ALL countries that support them, and drilling on American “soil” combined with alternative energy research.

What are your top 3 to start with?

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