Mr. Steele and The GOP, You Are Not There Yet

Mr. Steele and The GOP, You Are Not There Yet

Although Republicans far surpass Democrats in being more aligned with the Tea Party movement, I feel it’s important to remind the GOP that the anger being felt by Americans is directed at both parties for a reason. At it’s most basic level the Tea Party movement is about three things. One, a a limited constitutional government. Two, fiscal responsibility. And three, a free market society. When it comes to the first two points, the Republicans have a long way to go to prove that you are with us.

I bring this up because it seems that on they have created a page that sends postcards to Democrat leaders with tea bags that have the GOP logo on them (see above pic).

No. Just no. The GOP is going to have to earn that relationship, and they haven’t yet. While the GOP had the majority in Congress, and while a Republican was President, we did not see the fiscal responsibility required to hold the Tea Party mantle. Even Republicans being elected in the coming elections will have to prove themselves. Once we see that you are serious about getting back to the three basics that I mentioned, then maybe you can send teabags with the GOP label.

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But not yet Mr. Steele. Not yet.

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