MSNBC: “Every ‘teabagger’ is white. All of them. Every single one of them is white.”

This whole “racism” thing is getting tired. 

Chris Matthews, the man who gets tingles when he hears President Obama speak, not only used the term “teabagger” repeatedly in this clip, but compounded his stupidity by claiming every tea party protestor was white.

Every one of them:

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Every single one of them…including Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere.  Listen to the racist crowd’s reaction when it finally dawns on them that Kevin is black:

As Allahpundit reminds us, MSNBC isn’t above editing video so that only white folks are shown protesting.  I wrote about that brave act of reporting here.

Good thing the Obama Administration singled out Fox News for being more opinion than straight news.  Clearly the other “news” channels have this journalism thing all figured out.


A commenter at Instapundit notes: “Every single MSNBC host in America is white.”

True.  Racists.

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