Murder, Demons, Death Camps, & Toyota!

Hot Air turned me on to this game promoting Toyota Scions that they referred to as, “Quite Possibly The Most Ill-Conceived Ad Campaign Ever.”

Now, I thought they were exaggerating — until I actually played it.

The game features, as heroes, demonic looking creatures called “deviants” who ride around in Toyota Scions butchering trembling, peaceful “sheeple.” The deviants seem to enjoy covering their bodies with the green blood of the “sheeple” and at times, they also wear “sheeple” bodyparts as clothing. Here’s a sample pic of the action, courtesy of Hot Air,

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As if that isn’t bad enough, the final scenes are really freaky because they use the “sheeple” bodyparts to build a machine that makes Toyota Scions. They’re doing that so that they can spread out and butcher other “sheeple” across the land. Maybe it’s just me, but it honestly, it reminded me of the Nazi death camps in a creepy sort of way.

Why Toyota wants this associated with their cars, I cannot imagine.

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