My 20 Best Sources On The Net

My 20 Best Sources On The Net: Earlier today, I was wondering…

“If I were only able to read 20 different websites on the net to come up with all the posts and daily news links on RWN — What would they would be?”

The list I came up with follows. Do keep in mind that these aren’t necessarily my favorite pages, they’re just the sites I think are best for news or giving me ideas about things I want to discuss…

Croooow Blog
Daily Pundit
The Democratic Underground
The Drudge Report
FrontPage Magazine
Inoperable Terran
Jewish World Review
Little Green Footballs
National Review
The Obscure Store And Reading Room
Real Clear Politics
A Small Victory
Town Hall

Of course, I hit 2 to 3 times that number of pages in an average day and many of the pages I simply enjoy reading didn’t make the list, but those are my top 20 sources…

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