The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day — Defending The Windshield Killer

The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day — Defending The Windshield Killer: Most of you have heard of the ‘Windshield Killer’s’ unthinkably hideously cruel murder of a homeless man. Here are some details just in case you’ve forgotten…

“Former nurse’s aide Chante Jawan Mallard was found guilty of murder Thursday morning in the death of a homeless man she left to die while impaled in the windshield of her car.

It took the jury less than an hour to convict Mallard of hitting the man with her car, driving home with his broken, battered and bleeding body in her windshield, and leaving him to die there in her garage.

…In her statement to police, Mallard said she cried and repeatedly apologized to Biggs as he moaned after she lowered her garage door. She said she was too afraid to call for help.

During the three-day trial, Dr. Nizam Peerwani, the Tarrant County (search) medical examiner who performed the autopsy, testified that Biggs probably lived two hours after being hit and could have survived with medical treatment.”

Here are another couple of gruesome details…

“…And we have heard a little bit about his injuries today and the prosecutor said that he basically bled to death. That his leg was nearly severed but he had a lot of other cuts and fractures, and he did continue to moan and talk and even, Chante Mallard has talked about how she would go into the garage and she would talk to him and apologize to the victim and explain to him that she didn’t know what to do.”

Deliberately leaving a man impaled on a windshield with a nearly severed leg to bleed death in your garage is about as vile as it gets. You would think that someone like this would have no defenders except for perhaps her family and her lawyer, neither of whom would exactly be unbiased. But there’s at least one person standing up for her at the Democratic Underground

greenwow: …This poor woman was tried and found guilty by the thugs in blue long before she had her day in court. This sort of activity by the police is disgusting. She never had a chance to have a fair trial.

Since she’s one of the types of people that the thugs in blue hate so much, she’ll get a very stiff sentence. If she was a white woman, she’d probably just get probation.

The racism displayed by the media and the government in this case is disgusting.”

So he blames the police, the media, the government, — everyone except the woman who left some poor man to die in her garage. I pity anyone who’s mind has been so poisoned by viewing the world through the prism of race that they actually believe this…

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