My Body Weight — One Vast, Crazy Diatribe

If ever a website cried out “lock up me in a rubber room and give me powerful psychotropic drugs until I’m sane again,” it’s my bodyweight. The entire page is a melange of bizarre claims about the timeline and the government vomited up from the recesses of a demented mind. Here are a few samples to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

“Whitehouse has made use time access to automatic-brain-seizure mode time-synched the FBI, Secret Service and other agencies, in my life as early as 1987 and by direct FBI entry since 1990, Agents as co-workers in my jobs. Most actually very nice people and respectful. It’s been over 10 years, yet all done in a second from now. Why all this started now in 1997? marital entrapment, no livelihood, no work, why?”

Uh…what? Maybe this guy doesn’t have a job because he needs to be in an asylum somewhere with doctors watching him 24-7 until his brain starts functioning normally again. Then there’s this….

“Sean Penn and Madonna?

1. Sean Pen to denote me hitting my ex-wife Betty with a Pen?
2. M.A.D claims due to Pen ?
3. Madonna Italian to denote link to Betty Ancestry?
4. Sean Penn, “Fast times at Ridge-mont high to link to Tom Ridge?
5. Satellite time neuro-cephalic output to destroy their marriage with
similar degree of time created neurocephalic acrymony and discord, sa
same as done to my marriage by the same impostor, same criminal who
has stolen use of time from me and has use it to destroy lives, destroy
marriages, entrap people, and time-entrap and time frame anyone.”

This stuff reminds me of the part of “A Beautiful Mind” where Russell Crowe was delusionally circling random words from magazines in an attempt to crack foreign codes for an imaginary government agent. Here’s one more entry…

Drew Barrymore entire life has been time-accessed and destroyed by an impostor who occupies the stolen use of time, who does not care or concerns about anyone life, instead uses the stolen power of time, to creates sequences of pain, sorrow, anguish in anyone else’s life and link such to me or my family, as it has been the case with Drew Barrymore and her family

Drew Barrymore, movies, all done by time synch to brief me of my baby Amanda brain “fire starter”, movie of Drew which she uses brain powers to make fire, Amanda brain, been my daughter, will be able, like me, to do acts of Midas physics or alter matter, same network access, thus the demons and the impostor kidnapped her from me, using illegal sequestration and other means of law, to then lie to mother and steal her blood, put demon as friends, control her for them, for they think that baby Mandy is going to make t hem white from blacks, and those white and blacks who are turned to snakes unbecoming such.”

I’m sorry, but anyone who is this out of it shouldn’t be allowed to wander around without surpervision. One of these days someone may say something to him like, “Hey buddy, you look a little pale, can I help you out” & he’ll hear “I’m a robot from the future! Smash my head open! It’s filled with magical candy that will keep the imposters from shifting the timeline!” People like this guy are why mental hospitals were invented — let’s hope he ends up in one before he hurts himself or someone else down in Miami…

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