My Interview With Herman Cain

Mr. Herman Cain is ready to be President. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at CPAC, and I was very impressed. Like Gov. Chris Christie, Mr. Cain is blunt and honest. This is what I think is crucial right now. We need a leader that is willing to tell us the truth, not just give us politicalspeak. I am at a point now that even if I disagree with someone on certain issues, I just appreciate the honesty. 

Mr. Cain is known in business as a problem solver. That is what this country needs. Someone who can come up with real solutions. We don’t need any more slick politicians. We need a leader.

Listen to this brief interview (It’s about 12 minutes). My questions are about solutions to problems that I see with our poor and imprisoned. We need to care about “the least of these.” Caring means lifting them up and letting them walk on their own two feet. It’s way past time.

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Enjoy the interview. I think you will be impressed.

*note: I’ll transcribe this interview and have it up later.

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