My Short, Obligatory Post On The Abramoff Plea Deal

As most of you have already heard, Jack Abramoff has rolled over and agreed to cooperate with a DOJ corruption probe. Apparently, the DOJ cut a deal with Abramoff so they could collect some scalps in Congress. In fact, there are apparently as many as 20 members of Congress — and their aides — that could have their heads on the chopping block because of this.


“..220 lawmakers received at least $1.7 million in political donations from Abramoff, his associates and nine tribal clients between 2001 and 2004, according to a review of Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service records. Of those, 201 are still in Congress. Republicans got $1.1 million, 64 percent of the total.”

You can expect the Democrats and the media to try to paint any Republican who took money from Abramoff as crooked, even though plenty of Democrats, including Harry Reid, accepted money from him and his clients as well. In any case, whether we’re talking about Democrats or Republicans, it would be wise for them to get any money they received from Abramoff, which will be irrevocably tainted in the eyes of the public, out of their coffers.

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Yet and still, there’s nothing unusual about members of Congress receiving donations from lobbyists. That’s an everyday thing in Washington. On the other hand, the corruption charges are another matter. Any persons in Washington who’re crooked, whether they be Republicans or Democrats, will merit no sympathy if they broke the law.

However, it may be a while before there are actually charges filed (as opposed to fevered speculation based on leaks that may or may not be accurate), so we can expect this whole scandal to simmer on the back burner before it really heats up for some people in Congress. In the interim, if there are any Republican members of Congress who know they’re dirty, now would be a great time to retire so we have time to get solid candidates for those seats before the 2006 elections. Do everyone a favor and take the hint…

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