Nanny State: County bans sales of non-diet soda at 4th of July event

Nanny State: County bans sales of non-diet soda at 4th of July event

The irony of a government restricting independence at an Independence Day celebration is overwhelming. : It’s probably lost on the bureaucrats:


On Friday, vendors running booths at the county’s flagship fireworks event will have to comply with new regulations on their food and drink offerings for the first time since Howard County Executive Ken Ulman passed an executive order to ban sugary drinks and restrict other junk food in county buildings and at county-sponsored events.
While Ulman and health advocates have touted the regulations – the first and only of their kind in the state – as an important step in the fight against obesity, some vendors have balked at what they consider unnecessarily restrictive rules.

The executive order, signed into law on Dec. 11, 2012, effectively bans non-diet sodas at county-sponsored events and limits the percentage of high-calorie packaged snacks that vendors can offer.

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According to the regulations, 50 percent of packaged food offered at county events must contain 200 calories or less per portion. Non-diet cold drinks must contain 40 calories or less, and diet drinks may only contain five calories and constitute only 33 percent of a vendor’s beverage offerings.

People can still bring their soft drink of choice…for now.

I’m also told Maryland is considering changing its state motto from “Fatti maschii, parole femine,” or “Manly deeds, womanly deeds,” to “Liberum enim est quae stirpibus exit ab,” or “Freedom is for suckers.”

All hail the bureaucracy.

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