Nanny State Moonbattery Stunts Children’s Development

Nanny State moonbattery is having its intended effect: reducing humans to soft, squishy things incapable of thinking for themselves:

Our health and safety culture is producing a generation of ‘bland’ children who do not know how to evaluate risks, a headmaster has warned.

Jonathan Hughes-D’Aeth said that pupils’ development was being “stifled”.

He told a conference of independent school heads in London about an incident last year where two children assumed that it must be safe to leap into the sea from a harbour wall — because there were no warning signs.

He said: “They exemplify a generation of young children who have not been given the chance to evaluate for themselves the risks of the dangers which are around them.”

Rather than learning a lesson from minor bumps and scrapes, children are taught by their parasitical parents to whimper and snivel in court in exchange for someone else’s money.

Norwich Union experts have said a U.S.-style compensation culture is sweeping through Britain. Parents were now less likely to accept minor injuries to their children — such as cuts, grazes and bruises — as accidents and instead sued for personal injury, they said.

Wandering off education’s moonbat reservation, Hughes-D’Aeth observes,

If we take drowning as an example, the best form of protection is actually to teach children how to swim, not putting up large numbers of notices banning swimming. Systems themselves do not create safety. Competent people do.

However, self-reliant, competent people are a threat to authorities, so they are being systematically eliminated in favor of cowardly, unthinking, bovine farm animals that can be bred for votes — which might explain idiocy like this:

• Children at Cummersdale Primary School in Carlisle were told to wear goggles when playing conkers
• Youngsters taking beach donkey rides in Bogor Regis were told to wear hard hats
• Councillors in Bristol ordered 100 yew trees next to a playground to be chopped down in case children poison themselves by eating the leaves
• Three swings at Great Somerford in Wiltshire were taken down because they were slightly too high under EU regulations
• Derby City Council told schools to cancel trips in sunny weather in case the pupils were sunburned

A future human, protected and safe.

On a tip from Lyle. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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