Obligatory NBA Finals Post

My readers know, but Right Wing News readers, will learn that I love sports generally. To introduce: My favorite spectator sport from home is professional football (Go Lions! Go Texans! The Cowboys suck!). I like going to the park to watch baseball (Go Atlanta–until John Smoltz retires! Go Astros! And, once John retires, go Tigers, again–they traded John with whom I went to High School and I’m still irritated by their short-sightedness and meanness to Johnny).

I watch March Madness and choose whichever Michigan team is in it. And after that, whichever Big Ten team is winning. And after that, any team except the Syracuse Orangemen which is a pretty good bet because Jim Boeheim sucks butt and the Orangemen are always underachievers (except when Carmello Anthony was coaching from the floor).

Back in the day, I used to love the NBA but I believe that Michael Jordan ushered in it’s downfall. As the super selfish superstar, big salary and big ego, until later in his career, Jordan redefined NBA basketball in his image. Basketball only succeeds as a team sport and yet, now, the NBA is filled with scores of individual players who seem inured whether they win or lose. It’s ridiculous. That being said, my husband has been watching the play-offs and of course, I have an opinion. My favorite team, the Pistons, is out. They play with a frustrating hot and coldness that I lay at the feet of the coach. I do like the Rockets and San Antonio. Dallas blows. Dirk Nowitzki is the definition of German socialism on the basketball court. He cracks under pressure, too. Meh.

Since I’m originally from Michigan and spent my High School years in Lansing and played basketball myself (my favorite sport to play), I was a fan of Earvin “Magic” Johnson. His parents lived in the area. His High School, Eastern was a rival team of ours and my brother went to his basketball camp in the summer. I followed Magic through Michigan State and then on into Los Angeles when I became a Lakers fan (except when they played the Pistons). While I respected Larry Bird, I did not like the Celtics.

Here’s my dilemma now: The Lakers and the Celtics start the NBA Finals tonight. I am a traditional Lakers fan. There is only one not-so-minor problem–I loath Kobe Bryant. In fact, I think loath might be too mild for how much that man-child gets on my nerves. He embodies everything I despise about the NBA these days. He’s entitled. He’s selfish. He’s weak-minded. He’s immature. The NBA rewarded him this year with the MVP and every word that has come out of his big, stupid, toothy-grinned mouth since that wicked moment has been utter bullsh*t.

In contrast, I really like Kevin Garnett. He has class. He represents the Celtics tradition well. The Celtics have worked hard with little drama and no scandal. And even though I am not a Celtics fan, just to see Kobe Bryant denied, I will be cheering for them tonight. If there was a way to vote against Kobe and for the Celtics, I would.

So, who do you guys pick to win the series? Does anyone even watch the NBA anymore? Unfortunately, I think the Lakers have a good odds. It makes me almost as sick as considering Obama as the next President. That these yahoos even have a chance…. Well, some years are better than others.

NBA Champions will be
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