Navy: Men Have “Duty” To Protect Women From Themselves

This is so incandescently idiotic – on so many levels – that I don’t even know what to say about it. Sometimes the stupid is just overpowering:

The U.S. Navy wants commanders to “feel very uncomfortable” about sexual assaults, happening at a rate of more than one a day, military officials said.

“My goal is to make every single commander that has a sexual assault occur at their command feel very uncomfortable and wonder, ‘Why is this happening in my command?'” Vice Chief of Naval Operations Jonathan Greenert said in a speech in San Diego.

Gee, I don’t know. Perhaps these things happen because the men and women in your command have what is euphemistically termed a “casual attitude towards sex”?

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Most sexual abuse cases at the Naval Academy are not rapes, but personal encounters that have turned sour.

Generally, documents show that three factors play a role:

Alcohol abuse.

Broken relationships.

One-night stands.

In examining roughly 3,000 pages of documents obtained by The Capital under the Freedom of Information Act, it became clear that some midshipmen – male and female – can be careless about themselves, their careers and with each other. It also seems apparent that many of these young men and women – perhaps like their counterparts nationwide – have a casual attitude toward sex.

When it comes time to assign blame for misconduct, however, the male is nearly always the one that gets kicked out of the Naval Academy during the time frame examined, according to the documents.

Women cannot have it both ways here: either they are equally capable and intelligent (and therefore equally able to obey military regulations) or they are fragile combat flowers who must be followed around 24/7 by their employers on the off chance that they may voluntarily choose to render themselves helpless:

Assault victims are mostly women, ages 20 to 24, in the lowest four ranks of service, the Navy said. Attacks typically occur on weekends, with alcohol driving most of them.

“If you see a young lady from your ship, and she’s at a bar doing Jell-O shooters, and you understand that it looks like her judgment is impaired, you have an obligation to her to step in and in a polite way and a nice way and a non-threatening way say, ‘Hey, we’ve got early duty tomorrow,'” Jill Loftus, director of the Navy’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office, said at a Navy “bystander intervention” seminar in San Diego, a pilot program also done in Virginia and Hawaii.

“Not only are you protecting the sailor who might be a victim, you are also protecting someone who might be a perpetrator who’s using bad judgment,” The San Diego Union-Tribune quoted Loftus as saying.

This type of arrant nonsense is what happens when faux diversity and politically correct doublespeak supercede the mission. If real rape is going on, commanders should be more than just “uncomfortable”. Real rape isn’t “bad judgment” – it’s a crime. But if, in addition to being held to a stricter standard of behavior, military men are now expected to protect off duty servicewomen from their own fecklessness and irresponsibility, shouldn’t men be paid more than women of the same rank?

Equal pay for equal work, I always say. I can hear Jane Harmon’s head exploding already.

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