Need Another Reason to Homeschool? 11 Year Old Public School Girl Forced to Draw Ejaculating Penis

In the video below you will see the mother of a Massachusetts public school student, an 11 year old girl. The mother is testifying before the “Joint Education Committee in support of the David Parker Parents Rights Bill (H406 — written by MassResistance) and against the Planned Parenthood compulsory sex-ed / homosexuality / abortion counseling bill (H3434) — both of which would affect children in the public schools.”

The mother describes her daughter coming home from school, being troubled by a homework assignment and discussing it with her. The assignment was to draw an erect, ejaculating penis.

The girl was 11. According to MassResistance, the sole response from the left leaning committee was to ask if the mother was informed of the content.

President Obama is on record telling Planned Parenthood that sex education should be taught as early as kindergarten, as long as it’s “age appropriate.”

So I guess to a liberal that means coloring ejaculating penises. I mean, their art skills aren’t that of an 11 year old.

Hat Tip: Political Pistachio

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