New Democratic Ad: Kill Donald Rumsfeld!

The Drudge Report today revealed a fund raising ad for John Kerry run by the St. Petersburg Democratic Club. Here’s the text of the ad

“Senator Edward Kennedy is absolutely right when he called Iraq “Bush’s Vietnam.” But it’s not only Bush. It’s his whole d@mn Bunch: Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove and Ridge.

They’ve tried to blame the Iraq war on bad intelligence, on Al Qaida, on terrorists, on foreigners from Iraq and Syria. Bush doesn’t even know who in the hell we’re fighting. The Bush Bunch calls the Iraqis insurgents. Did you know that Britain called the American revolutionaries insurgents and traitors? The Iraqis aren’t insurgents. They’re Iraqi patriates [sic] who want us the hell out of their country, and we should get the hell out of their country now!

We have Marines and soldiers being killed by the dozens with many more wounded. How many have to be killed before the Bush Bunch is satisfied? How many burial services of our Iraq dead has Bush attended? Any? How many military hospitals has Bush visited to talk to our wounded who have lost arms, or legs, or their eye sight, or combinations of these – how many?”

Do you know what the most fascinating thing about this ad is to me? It calls the thugs, terrorists, and religious fanatics who make up the Iraqi insurgency “patriates” & compares them to the Founding Fathers, advocates leaving Iraq right now which would lead to an Iraqi civil war, and suggests tossing Donald Rumsfeld “up against a wall” and “pull(ing) the trigger” — all in an effort — perhaps a successful effort — to convince Democratic voters to give money to John Kerry!

Welcome to the new Democratic mainstream folks, hope you like what you see….

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