New Jersey Set To Ban Many Common Hunting Rifles

New Jersey Set To Ban Many Common Hunting Rifles


Wait? : I thought the common liberal talking point was the Second Amendment was about hunting. : Now they’re banning hunting rifles?

That’s right:

A bill has been sent to Governor Chris Christie’s desk in New Jersey that would have the effect of prohibiting many fixed-magazine weapons commonly used in hunting, and almost never in murders.

The Truth About Guns: has the scoop:

The gun ban that has gone to New Jersey Governor Christie for signature has been described as a “gun magazine restriction“, but it bans numerous common sport and hunting rifles. The ban has no exemption for rifles with fixed magazines, including most common .22 rimfire rifles that are used for sport and small game hunting…and almost never used in crimes. Assembly Bill 2006 bans rifles that meet this definition: (4) A semi-automatic rifle with a fixed magazine capacity exceeding [15] 10 rounds . . .

As Dean Weingarten notes, some common rifles have been modified from an original 17 shot clip capacity down to 15. The new New Jersey legislation would outlaw the modified ones as well.

This goes right to the logic of banning so called “assault weapons,” too.

They don’t commit the bulk of gun crime, but they are in the cross hairs of the gun grabbers.


Because this isn’t about stopping gun crime. : It’s about banning guns in totality.

What do you think?

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