New Kerry Ad Campaign Reveals Service In Vietnam By Scott Ott

Concerned that Americans do not yet know Sen. John Forbes Kerry, his presidential campaign has launched a $25 million TV advertising burst which reveals that the candidate served in the Navy during the Vietnam war.

The ad campaign, called A Lifetime of Talking About a Few Months in the Service, focuses on a little-known chapter in Mr. Kerry’s life, his four months as a swift boat commander in Vietnam.

“While most voters are familiar with Kerry’s sterling record of legislative achievement as a leader in the Senate,” said an unnamed spokesman, “they’re surprised to discover that he actually served during wartime.”

The source said that the story of Mr. Kerry’s Vietnam service has been “suppressed by the right-wing attack machine.”

“The $25 million ad buy is just another example of Sen. Kerry’s commitment to service,” said the unnamed source. “No anti-war candidate has ever spent so much of his fellow Americans’ money to convince them that he was a war hero. That’s how much service means to John Kerry.”

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