New York Police & Sheriff Will NOT Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Law is SAFE ACT

New York Police & Sheriff Will NOT Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Law is SAFE ACT

There are those who write the law and those who enforce the law. The entity who has the real power over freedom and liberty is your local Sheriff and police. Law enforcement agencies across the Nation are reconsidering enforcing laws that are unconstitutional. NY Police and Sheriff recently made revisions to new gun laws to remove parts they deem as unconstitutional.

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The announcement on the revisions to the New York State Police NY SAFE Act Guide was made on Wednesday and came via the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

“The New York State Police have followed the same sensible path taken by the New York Sheriffs’ Association and many local law-enforcement agencies in not enforcing a capricious, ill-conceived and unconstitutional portion of the NY SAFE Act,” stated NYSRPA President Thomas King in a press release.

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“To date, NYSRPA has spent over $500,000 in litigation and we are prepared to fight the NY SAFE Act all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court where we are confident that many provisions of the law will ultimately be overturned,” he continued.

As noted in previous articles, the SAFE Act implemented a number of controversial measures that restrict gun owners; among them, it strengthened the state’s ban on ‘assault weapons’ by broadening the definition (changing the criteria from two cosmetic features, e.g. barrel shroud and a pistol grip, down to just one, e.g. a barrel shroud) and required registration of all the newly defined ‘assault weapons.’

Critics of the SAFE Act argue that it was rammed through the legislature by its biggest proponent Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who waved the three-day mandatory legislation-review period.

On this point, King said, “Lawmakers, mental health professionals, and New York’s gun owners were essentially ignored in the rush to enact this law. As a result, careful judicial scrutiny is uncovering some of the law’s flaws and unenforceability.”

Please support your local law enforcement officers when they put themselves on the line protecting the Constitution over protecting their jobs or standing with Federal Government. Educate local Sheriff and police on the Constitution by giving them copies of the pocket Constitutions distributed by National Center for Constitutional Studies. And lastly, get involved by understanding your Bill of Rights through personal study and matching up your rights against laws being passed in your local county. If you don’t speak up and protect our sovereignty, who will?

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