Newsflash: Illegal Aliens Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Go To American Schools

This just kills me…

“Immigrant-rights groups are suing seven Virginia colleges for allegedly following the state attorney general’s advice to deny admission to immigrants.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, contends that the schools’ policies usurp the role of federal immigration authorities. It was filed on behalf of unidentified students who either attend or have graduated from Virginia public high schools.

The suit follows an advisory opinion issued last year by Attorney General Jerry Kilgore recommending that all Virginia colleges deny admission to illegal immigrants and suggesting that admissions officers report potentially illegal applicants to federal authorities.

Such action punishes hundreds of high school students whose illegal status is no fault of their own, who were brought to the United States by their parents, said Andres Tobar, co-chair of the Immigrant Legal Rights Coalition.

“We cannot deny a whole generation of young immigrant children access to higher education,” Tobar said.”

These kids shouldn’t be able to get a college education or even a high school education in the United States. You know why? They’re not United States citizens & they shouldn’t even be in the United States to begin with.

I know the response to this, “Oh, but you can’t penalize the kids because their parents are irresponsible idiots who are breaking the law”. Hey, if their kids can’t get an education, then so be it, they only have their parents to blame for that.

If we make it so that illegal aliens can’t get jobs here, can’t get an education for their kids, and live a hunted existence, constantly fearing the next knock on the door, then maybe they’ll stop COMING HERE. That’s what we want to happen. Anything we do to make it harder on them and make their lives in the US less comfortable is a GOOD THING. Anything that makes it easier on them is a BAD THING, because it will encourage more of them to come here.

We have immigration laws for a reason folks and we need to start taking them seriously. The American people expect nothing less…

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