The Liberal Superfriends By Joe Mariani & Lanny Grant

“Not to imply that we’re better than anyone else, or better friends than any other friends, or that we’re ‘super-liberal’, or in any way better than anybody else is, or any group of friends and/or significant others…”

From their fortress high atop the Canadian Shield, the Liberal Superfriends keep an eye on Americans’ tendency to waver under the influence of their mortal enemy, Political Incorrectness (who they’ve never seen in the flesh, but whose existence they deduced from the behavior of those whom they watch — it CAN’T be THEIR fault!). When they detect the taint of Political Incorrectness in those who they’ve been charged to watch over (by themselves, in fact), they swoop down from their hidden fortress to correct the behavior of the evildoe… uh, the poor, misguided people. Here they are, listed in no particular order because that might imply precedence and make some of them feel inferior. (Cont)

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