Next Post This Afternoon

Sorry, folks, there won’t be any posts until later this afternoon because I’m having a bit of writer’s block. Moreover, none of the “hot topics” out there in the blogosphere appeal to me.

The State of Union? I’ve covered it in detail. Eason Jordan claiming that American troops are targeting reporters? I’m hesitant to jump on that story with both feet before I see an actual transcript of his remarks. Social Security? I’ve written about it plenty of times already. Another post on the blogosphere? I’ve hit that topic a lot lately. The Iraqi elections? Covered it. The Democratic Underground? No threads appeal to me. Ward Churchill? He’s a scumbag who should be fired. Not much more to say.

Luckily, I’m going on a short vacation this week-end which should give me time to recharge my batteries. But, I’ll get in some posts tonight before I take off.

However, since we have a little break in the action here, I figured I’d give people a chance to chime in on a few things in the comments section. Here are a few ideas I’ve been kicking around with varying degrees of seriousness. Let me know what you think…

1) Would you prefer that I did Q&A Fridays A) Once every 3-4 weeks B) Every Friday C) Never D) Other

2) If I were to (and don’t get your hopes up) put together a Right Wing News Forum, would you participate?

3) If I were to hold an Andrew Sullivan style fund raiser, would you consider donating if it meant I could raise enough money to go full time on RWN and increase the quality and quantity of the posts?

4 A) Would you consider buying a RWN T-shirt?
4 B) Do you have any ideas for a RWN T-shirt?

Bonus: Do you have any ideas that you think might increase the size of RWN’s audience?

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