The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: How Dare You Claim Bush Isn’t As Evil As Hitler!

It started out simply enough, with someone named Dark trying to drum into the nearly impenetrable skulls of the denizens of the DU that Bush, however much they dislike him, is not Hitler. Here’s a small sample from Dark’s post…

“…But Bush is NOT as bad as Hitler. These comparisons do NOTHING to help our cause. It didn’t help when did it, and it’s not helping now. It drives away moderates, and does NOT energize our base. In short: it hurts us.

Bush has NOT rounded up people into camps. He has NOT turned America into a police state.

In Hitler’s Germany, if you disagreed with him, you were sent to a camp. You didn’t come back.

…When was the last time you ever heard of an American Krystalnaucht? Or perhaps you’ve heard of gays’ and blacks’ businesses being nationalized and them being forced into ghettos? Or maybe there are people who have been funneled into forced labor camps who you know?


This of course is not news to people who..well, aren’t insane. But of course, we’re talking about a large group of left-wingers here, so trying to claim that Bush is evil, but not quite as evil as Hitler, is a controversial position. Read on and you’ll see what I mean…

realisticphish: “hitler started out small. shrub has only been in power 4 years. it took hitler a while to escalate”

goddess40: “You’re assuming that Bush is running things he’s a figure head just like Reagan was. The power behind the throne is what is important.”

electropop: “There’s an important difference between Bush and Hitler. Hitler won an election. But otherwise, the similarities are amazing. Bush _has_ rounded people up into death camps, and they have disappeared perhaps forever. Have you forgotten Guantanamo and Abu Graib?

Bush presents a multiracial facade, but on the ground, he actively promotes racism. Twice he has had his brother Jeb purge thousands of legitimate voters from the roles, based on database criteria which correlate to, or directly reveal, race. In Ohio his minions disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters on racial lines, by targeting specific neighborhoods, for example.

Bush is murdering and torturing hundreds of thousands of Iraqui men women and children, most of whom have done nothing more egregious than get in the way of a bomb or a bullet. He is not up to 6 million yet, but clearly he has no more compassion for Arabs than Hitler had for Jews.

Just yesterday, Bush’s Republinazis proudly and unanimously endorsed torture, be elevating Bush’s Mengele (Gonzales) to high office.

Bush has not yet caught up to Hitler’s numbers, but he is “working hard” to do so.”

aquart: “Whenever I’m forced to think of George. I imagine him hanging upside down just like those last photos of Mussolini. He looks wonderful that way.”

mopaul “Hitler didn’t have the nuclear bomb, give bush a little more time. f*ck it, bush is just f*cking like hitler.”

IMModerate: “Me too. Give him time. For all we know history books of the future may say something like, “Hitler was bad, but he was no Bush.” He’s still developing.”

TNOE: “Hitler wasn’t HITLER until he killed over 6 Million People and who knows how history will report. Bush may not actually be BUSH until another 3-4 years pass. But the similiarities are striking enough.

Hitler has his Reichtag
Bush had his 9/11

Hitler immediately enacted his Enabling Powers
Bush immediately enacted the Patriot Act

The only mild differences so far is that Hitler did not have the corporations in his back pocket – Bush does – as well as the media. The news now is nothing more than entertainment and propoganda

Frankly – I don’t really care about the moderates – by the time they and the Republicans get their eyes opened – it will all be in full swing – a bit too late. Just because YOU don’t recognize or see the similarities doesn’t mean that they aren’t there and those of us who have our eyes opened and studied history know better. There are those that see and there are those that refuse to see and there are those that are in denial and don’t want to see. It doesn’t change the similarities though. It may be that Bush will wind up with a reputation far worse than Hitler.

If the truth is ever revealed that Bush et al killed 3,000 of their own citizens on 9/11 to accomplish their military and monetary desires, he will be known as far worse than Hitler.”

gypsy11: “Bush not like Hitler? And I’m the easter bunny. So many posts on this tread have summed up my thoughts much more eloquently than I could have done. The only difference between the two is time, and a mustache.”

PassingFair: “Disagree totally…I think the Hitler thing is a GREAT meme for us. AND I think that comparing * supporters to mindless, self-important Nazis is the motif we can propagate.
They ARE like uninformed Germans circa 1939. Look at their propagandist beliefs and little yellow ribbons. Look at their contempt for the world. Until we call them out for the uninformed drones that they are, they will not seek out the facts.

They are enabling an illegal, immoral and imperialist war, bent on controlling the flow of oil for the * cartels own enrichment.

F*** the current master race Christians! (and I DON’T mean TRUE compassionate, Christ-like ones, I mean the controlling, theocratic fundies and RC’s that voted for *).”

Dangerman: “Think again, Bush IS Hitler! He has the Goebbels-like Fox News Network, the Arabs (yes, this includes even Saddam Hussein himself, like it or not) are the new Jews, free speech is almost dead and nationalism is just as high as it was in Germany in the 30’s.

GET REAL! If we do not impeach this S*B next year, he WILL become Hitler!”

leesa: “PEOPLE: Hitler started the same way by invading Poland, who was doing nothing to it. Bush IS actively targeting and murdering Iraqi civilians. He is the same….will we let him go as far? Will we let him start rounding up more Muslims, then gays, then Jews, then liberals and professors???

It’s happening already man, WAKE UP! They are using Hitler’s old play book.”

Octafish: “Bush invaded a sovereign nation with whom we were at PEACE. Just like Hitler. Who’s his daddy? Hitler’s henchman. Here’s PROOF BUSH 41 he was in Dallas the day JFK was killed: It’s the FBI memo in which he reports “hearsay” that someone he vaguely knew wanted to kill the President. George Herbert Walker Bush also told the FBI he’s heading for a Dallas hotel. Gee. Why didn’t he remember where he was when people ask him where he was when JFK was assassinated? Even more important: Why didn’t he rat out the guy BEFORE the assassination? (Editor’s Note: There is an attachment in this post)”

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