Next Update Around 6:30 PM EST

I spent most of the night working on a column that I wasn’t able to finish. Normally, I’d try to plod through and punch it out tonight, but it’s already 1:20 AM and I am really dragging from skipping on my sleep all those other nights this week. ***Yawn***. So, sadly, tragically, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to read my column poking fun at the left’s bizarre foreign policy views.

Anyway, I have got to get some zzzz’s since I’m about to keel over here. Catch ya tomorrow…

***Update #1***: Ok, so I get home from work and I am completely exhausted. So exhausted that I decide to go for a hour long nap, foul up the alarm clock, and wake up a full 3 hours later. Naturally, that put me a bit off schedule. But, never fear, I’ll get in the full update. The column comes first and that is almost finished…

***Update #2***: RightThinkingGirl, email me. There’s something I want to discuss with you. Thanks.

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