Your Guide To The Liberal View Of Foreign Policy & Defending America

Most conservatives are absolutely baffled by the liberal perspective on foreign policy and defending America. That’s because many of the left’s positions seem totally counterintuitive….well, for Americans. Their views would make perfect sense if say an Iranian mullah or Iraqi insurgent held them. But, that’s neither here nor there, since the goal of this column is to explain how the left looks at foreign policy, not why.

So, imagine yourself to be a liberal. I know that’ll be quite difficult for many of you, but just pretend you’re wearing a tie-dye shirt and Birkenstocks, chant “no blood for oil” a few times, and then try to muster up some sympathy for the endangered Howling Dung Beetle and that should put you in the right frame of mind.

Now that you’re thinking like a liberal, like a Michael Moore or Ted Kennedy, perhaps it’ll be easier to understand why you…

…think that fighting back against terrorism is futile because it creates a cycle of violence. So you see killing terrorists only produces more terrorists? Just as killing Nazis in WW2 only produced more Nazis & bombing Hiroshima led to huge upsurges in Japanese recruiting. (Cont)

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