No Liberal Lie Left Unexposed By Matt Margolis

One regular claim made by the Democrats—especially during the 2004 campaign—was that the No Child Left Behind Act was “an unfunded mandate.”

Well, we can add that myth to the list of debunked liberal lies:

There are two things wrong with the [National Education Association’s] claim that NCLB is an unfunded mandate: The law is neither a mandate, nor is it unfunded. The nonpartisan General Accounting Office dismissed the mandate claim last October. The law only provides funds to those states that wish to receive them. Any state that wants to reject the dollars — and the rules that accompany them — is free to do so. That no state has yet taken this route provides an on-the-ground basis for rejecting the complaint out of hand. As for funding, the law does contain this clause: ‘Nothing in this Act shall be construed to … mandate a State or any subdivision thereof to spend any funds or incur any costs not paid for under this Act.'”

I never get tired of being right… or correct.

This content was used with the permission of Blogs For Bush.

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