No Slacker Left Behind

The concept of “no child left behind” has reached a new extreme of pernicious absurdity in North Carolina’s moonbatty Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district, which is considering making 61 the lowest possible grade students could receive — even if they turn in a blank test.

Explains educrat Sherri Martin:

There is little or no evidence that repeated failure makes people more responsible.

Therefore, they should be given a passing grade even if they do nothing. Also proposed is a 20% limit on how much homework can count toward a final grade, so that students’ grades won’t suffer unduly if they refuse to do any. Students will also be given more time to make up incomplete assignments, should they find a reason to bother.

More from Martin:

Getting a bad grade or having a bad day does not mean you are a failure. This is about hope.

It’s also about change — changing America into a second-rate country by assuring the next generation does not receive an education.

Here’s an idea for educrats: Instead of setting a floor for all students, why not take points from the students who study hard, and give them to those who slack off? That’s what the government does with our money. The term for it is Social Justice.

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