Obama’s Candidacy Is a Win For Liberals Even If He Loses

According to liberals, the only reason a man so great as Obama could possibly lose is because he’s black and Americans are racist. What a convenient belief. If Obama loses, Americans will hear for the next twenty years about their racism and badness. His loss would be further proof of America’s evil. If Obama wins, America will hear about the perfection and lightness of Obama’s being. His greatness will make America great.

I found this over at Ebonypolitics:

In America, Barack Obama can be a lot of things: a law professor, a state senator, a United States Senator and a presidential candidate, but one thing he can not be is white, and that is what might stop him from becoming president.

So, if he loses, it’s America’s fault. If he wins, it’s because he’s a Savior. It’s a win-win for Liberals who cling to identity politics like a baby blanket. An Obama loss would be fuel for their discontent for years.

I’d like to put forth the notion to our liberal brethren that Barack Obama might lose not because of the color of his skin, but the content of his character, content of his socialist philosophy, and the lack of content of his resumé. Maybe liberals could also consider that Americans are fair-minded and will make the decision based on what’s best for America.

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