No such thing as intelligent design? On a Sunday?

No such thing as intelligent design, you say. No higher power, no Creator, no Builder setting the universe’s Legos one on top of the other to create the perfect world for sustaining life. No great weaver of tapestries, pulling this thread, then that one, setting the stage for human existence. Human prosperity.

Human life — indeed, all life — the product of mere chance.

Please. Need I really give evidence of the method to our making?

On Sunday?

Fine. Consider, just for example, the human body. The arm. The hand, with fingers extended and spread, bent slightly inward. The wrist, bent at…oh, say 45 degrees or so. The elbow, bent past 90 degrees. The shoulder, rotated forward to place the forearm a few inches out in front of the chest.

The perfect set of angles; the perfect set of distances, give or take an inch or a degree.

Perfect, for cradling the American football.

Mere chance?


UPDATE – the commenters are completely missing the point.

(The TrogloPundit is The TrogloPundit, also known as Lance Burri)

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