No, the SB 1070 Ruling is not a Victory for Arizona

Forgive my pessimism, but I fail to see how exactly anyone but illegal immigrants and liberals won in the Supreme Court ruling on SB 1070, the controversial Arizona law that was intended to hold illegal aliens accountable.

Much of the meat and potatoes of the law was tossed; in fact, in my humble opinion, the most important and effective parts of the legislation was curbed, leaving Arizona with a shell of what once was a means of addressing the ballooning immigration issue.It is the most contentious part of the bill, the provision that allows officers to check the: immigration status of people they “reasonably suspect” to be illegal immigrants, that remains intact, which should in some way: be cause for: celebration.: But while many republicans, including the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, seem ready to claim victory in the upholding of a single portion of the bill, some of us wonder whether we can really check this one off as a win for illegal immigration opponents. Even more important to note, the High Court also stated that even the section ruled constitutional could face further legal challenges. To many, to celebrate now is premature, and allow me to explain why.

Some seem to have forgotten that it is the federal government that handles the process of deportation, not local law enforcement. However, shortly after the ruling on SB 1070, the president issued a directive to the Department of Homeland Security which effectively neuters the ability of federal agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport illegal immigrants unless they have criminal records or are suspected of committing a crime. What then is to be done with confirmed illegal immigrants in the custody of Arizona law enforcement? As Laura Ingraham noted, under the Obama administration the pool of illegal immigrants essentially becomes a “catch and release stream”. This makes enforcing the upheld section of SB 1070 almost irrelevant, save the times when the truly dangerous people here illegally are discovered and evicted from American soil.

The Supreme Court also went so far as to demolish the section of the bill that made illegal immigration a state crime. This to me is simply absurd. The very presence of illegal immigrants is criminal ( otherwise, democrats and republicans alike would not refer to them as illegal immigrants, now would they?). What the DOJ, and the president, and the members of the court that opposed the most vital parts of the law, are trying to do is legitimize the immigration of law-abiding, society-contributing illegal immigrants, which at its core, is acceptable. But there must come a time when these specific illegal immigrants step up and go through the process of becoming: legal citizens, which unfortunately, most do not do. By striking down this provision, we are opening the floodgates for more illegal immigration. Because, with no danger of being deported under the Obama administration, why not come here and work American jobs, receive our tax breaks, and get in-state tuition breaks, all without actually becoming Americans?

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More So, and most importantly, is the staggering cost to the American taxpayer. In a struggling economy, when many Americans find it difficult to put food on the table, find jobs, maintain some semblance of a healthy life, how exactly does Eric Holder and president Obama expect the legal American citizens to pay for 113 Billion annually to support English as a Second Langugage, free school for the children of illegal immigrants, meals, paychecks, and so on? The unbelievable strain on the economy is evident when an employer resorts to outsourcing desperately needed employment to someone who is not legally qualified to work in this country. Eric Holder believes that monitoring such individuals will lead to “racial profiling”.: At some risk to your mood, I will say that while profiling has led to unsavory situations, it may be one of our most effective tools, if statistics align well with the use of such tactics. This is how serious the situation has, and under this administration, will become.

Clearly, the liberal agenda in this country is at odds with the rights of the states. This should have never reached the steps of the Supreme Court. States should have the final say on governing their most important issues. On this day, I don’t see this as a win for republicans, but rather an immense victory for the Left. And the landmark decision by the court to shred much of SB 1070 will open up the possibility for more challenges, in more states, nationwide. It is my belief, and the belief of many other conservatives, that as long the immigration issue remains largely ignored by the White House and the liberal leadership, we are in danger of watching our economy, our jobs, and our way of life drown in a sea of undocumented illegal immigrants taking what Americans are fighting so hard to keep. This is no time for a party.


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