NO TRUTH CANDY FOR JOHNNY AMERICA!: We here at RWN are committed to giving the ‘Axis of Evil’ equal time by putting up this spectacular anti-American essay by ‘Sup’.

“MANY tiems in history of the world teh USA has cause many bad things to happen meny times!! the ’emerica’ is very bad country of lies! USA COMitt genocide against teh following peopless: MEXICAN NAITVIE AEMERICANAS RUSSIANS JAPANASE CHINANESE ENGLAND CANADA IRAQIOS ESKIMO KOREAN VEITNAEM AFGHANISTANIANS AND MANY OTHERS!!!!!

ASLO: US bomb women and children! liek in serbia! where IT BOMB EMBASSY FULL OF WOMEN AND ORPHANS!

USA also chokes iraqi children to death with poison gas which it sold to their friend MR S.HUSaIN! yes sir the us truly is a countery of lies and lacking in truth and great justece! NO TRUTH CANDY FOR JOHNNY AMERICA!

also onee time america stole money off europe

teh americais also make low quality products liek action man dolls and flood teh world with their naughty products! death to USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

PS. me likey action mans metal dog”

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