Text of Speech by Sharon

Text of Speech by Sharon to Israeli Parliament: This is a great speech by Ariel Sharon to the Knesset. Here’s a little taste…

“From here, I address the Palestinian people. On behalf of the people of Israel, I tell you: we have no quarrel with you. We have no desire to control you or to dictate your fate. We want to live side by side with you in peace, as good neighbors, helping and respecting each other.

But in order for this to happen, you can and must take your fate into your own hands. If you want to seize a place of honor among the family of nations, you must eschew terrorism, the murder of children and the elderly, the terrible violence, the murderous hatred and incitement. Do not surrender to those elements among you who have brought you one disaster after another over the past 55 years, because those same forces — they and not us — will guarantee your next disaster.

From here, I address the leaders of the Middle East. Terrorism threatens not only Israel. It threatens you as well. It does not lead to peace — terrorism is the enemy of peace and stability. Just as I am willing to focus on the positive rather than the negative aspect of your recent resolution, I implore you to accept my initiative for a meeting between us.

From here, I address the leaders of the Free World. You must remember that leniency toward terrorists is the same as a green light to terrorists, who have already proven that they do not distinguish between blood and blood, between a Jewish victim and any other victim. You cannot fight terrorism on the one hand, and condemn the victims of terrorism on the other. There is absolutely no equivalence between those who send teenage suicide bombers to kill and maim, and those who take self-defense actions and try to uproot the infrastructure of terrorism. Only your stand against terrorism and actual sanctions against its perpetrators in the Palestinian Authority, and primarily Arafat, will enable you to make a real contribution to the advancement of peace in the Middle East.”

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