Sharon Refuses To Pull Out

Sharon Refuses To Pull Out of Occupied Territories: Ariel Sharon is refusing to pull out of the occupied territories until the Palestinian militants are crushed. Honestly, I don’t blame him. What happens if they pull out now and more Israelis die in suicide attacks because the soldiers didn’t finish the job? When they do pull out, does anyone think Arafat is going to start making his first real attempt to destroy the terrorist organizations in the occupied territories? Does anyone think Saudia Arabia and Iraq are going to stop paying suicide bombers to kill Israeli civilians? Once Israel pulls out of the occupied territories, what happens when the next suicide bombing occurs? What are the consequences for the Palestinians if that happens? Nothing right? The world never demands there there be any sort of consequences for the Palestinians actions so unless Israel delivers them, there won’t be any. So as far as I’m concerned good luck and happy hunting to the Israelis.

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