Note to White House: Stop Obsessing With Fox News

Let’s hope we all learned the lesson we should have from the Sherrod affair (see post below if you aren’t familiar with it). The lesson is that both sides need to stop with the deeming those that disagree with them as “racist.”

The left needs to stop trying to paint the Tea Party as racist. It isn’t. At all. Are there elements that may be? Sure. Just as there are elements that may be in the NAACP.

The Tea Parties are about reigning in government. It isn’t about color, and really isn’t even about party. I think Tea Party members would vote for a Democrat that promised to stop this insane spending, and limit the scope of government.

The most fascinating part of this entire story is the fact that when Sherrod was driving, she was called on her cell and told that the White House wanted her to pull over on the side of the road and “resign now!” She then says she was told it was because she was going to be on Glenn Beck that night.

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Is this how the White House reacts? They don’t investigate to see if it’s true. They just FREAK at the name ‘Glenn Beck.’ Geeze. Isn’t that a bit ridiculous?

This White House needs to stop worrying so much about every story that comes up the pike, and just worry about leading this country.

The irony is that Glenn Beck was the one defending Sherrod while the White House was attacking her. Here is what he said on his show yesterday:

Beck said on his show that he is “puzzled by this,” and compared the situation to “taking a videotape of me at an AA meeting where I say, ‘And you know what, I have to tell you something. I was drunk everyday. I was completely out of control,” and stopping the tape before he said he found Jesus.

“Now if she is relating a story from1986 to make a point about how her racial perceptions have changed, this woman deserves her job back. Again, me at AA. Something is definitely wrong here,”

So the White House freaks out, thinking that Beck will make Sherrod look bad for the administration, when in reality it was Beck who was defending her (as I was, even before Beck did, I might add).

This is what happens when one is constantly on the defensive, and trying to control the narrative. Pres. Obama and the left need to stop worrying about Fox News, the blogs, and radio talk show hosts, and DO THEIR JOB.

Start creating an economic atmosphere where people can get back to work, and I promise you, the good narrative will follow.

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