Novak’s Speech At The Defending The American Dream Summit

I caught Bob Novak’s speech at CPAC and was wondering if he would do a very similar speech for this event. As it turns out, he didn’t. He also did a great speech and was extremely well received for anyone considering booking him for a speech.

Here are a few nuggets he fed to us during his speech and the Q&A sessions afterwards. In his opinion…

John McCain’s two most likely VP selections are…

#1) Mitt Romney (He says W. and Karl Rove are pushing for him)
#2) Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Barack Obama’s two most likely VP selections are…

#1) Va. Gov Tim Kaine
#2) Joe Biden

He also said that according to his calculations, McCain is only 12 electoral votes behind Obama right now, but that the GOP could very easily lose 5-7 seats in the Senate.

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