“The Case of the Heckled Comic and the Drink-Tossing Lesbians”

Alas, if great prose was enough to destroy Canada’s corrupt “Human Rights” Commissions (coming soon to a country near you…), we’d have won the fight long ago.

Here’s the Newfie Rhodes Scholar, Rex Murphy, slagging the latest outrageous case in his own inimitable way:

Incidentally, what are the human-rights protocols governing stand-up comedians in their delicate dance with drink-lubricated hecklers – whether said hecklers be lesbians, heterosexuals or, as is increasingly the case, of indeterminate orientation? Has the International Criminal Court had time to give this explosive area a once-over? Will Don Rickles – finally – be arrested on some international warrant? Is Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on some human-rights watch list?


They should also avoid any jokes involving sex, religion, politics or global warming. Outside those boundaries, I think they’re safe. Chicken crossing the road jokes are safe. Assuming, of course, the fowl pedestrian is free-range and it doesn’t meet a vegetarian halfway over. Absent those elements and I fear cries of chickenphobia will rear their squawking heads.

And here’s the backstory on Guy Earle, the comedian accused of not being funny.

(Kathy Shaidle blogs, rants and get sued at FiveFeetOfFury.com. Her book exposing Canada’s “Human Rights” Commissions will be out in September.)

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