November Was RWN’s Best Month Ever + Ad Deal

Two things. First off, last month was RWN’s best month ever traffic wise. I pulled 148,931 daily uniques & 288,796 impressions. That’s particularly impressive since I spent an entire week on vacation in November. Just as a point of comparison, I pulled roughly around 130,000 impressions in November of 2002.

Secondly, I have a lot of text ads still available. That isn’t entirely surprising since they just debuted this month. The same thing actually happened when the button ads were introduced. It took a couple of months for them to start selling out.

So, here’s what I’m going to do in order to induce people to buy more of these ads. Normally, text ads run for a month at a time. But in this case, if you buy a $10 text ad, it will run from the day after you buy the ad until the end of Jan. So for example, if you buy an ad tomorrow, it will run from Dec the 6th until the end of Jan. So for a measly $10, you’d get an ad that runs for FIFTY-SIX DAYS. That’s probably a better advertising deal than you’re going to find anywhere else on the net.

If you’re interested, put the $10 in my Paypal account (which is located in the support section) and send me an email at johnhawkins|removethis| letting me know the page you want advertised. There are a maximum of 20 spots available, so if you want make sure you get one, go ahead and sign up now.

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