Private Property Rights Don’t Exist In Soviet Norfolkistan

This story is such an obvious abuse of power and it’s so antithetical to everything our country stands for that it’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening in the United States…

“(Norfolk’s Redevelopment and Housing Authority) recently sent Thomas and Stella Musick a letter saying it would like to “buy” their Ocean View house. No mention of money, of course. That comes later.

What if the homeowners don’t want to sell? The housing authority will take it. Then, if history is any predictor, the Musicks and their attorney will go to court, squeeze a little more dough out of the city and start packing.

In a Norfolk nanosecond the modest Musick house will be bulldozed, a bigger one will take its place and a prosperous white-collar family will be ensconced at the address.

Ah, aren’t redevelopment and housing authorities wonderful tools?

Rumors that the city wanted to usher in more Ocean View McMansions in the Musicks’ neighborhood have been rampant for the past decade.

Still, they kept their house up. Why wouldn’t they? It’s been in the family for more than 60 years.

Mr. Musick moved there in 1958 to live with his grandmother after the death of his mother. He bought the house in 1980. Thomas Musick planned to stay in his three-bedroom childhood home with the aqua vinyl siding until they took him out feet-first. No more.

“It’s not a matter of winning now. It’s about getting the most money for it,” Mr. Musick told me when I phoned him at work Monday morning. “The house is probably gone.”

The timing couldn’t be more painful. In another year the house would have been paid off and Thomas Musick, 55, would be in the enviable position of living in a house mortgage-free.

Now, thanks to city-sanctioned bullying, he and his wife could be starting over.

The sturdy little house that weathered the hurricanes of the 1930s, the Ash Wednesday storm and this year’s Isabel may not be able to withstand the unbridled power of Norfolk’s Redevelopment and Housing Authority.

According to a story in Sunday’s paper, plans are afoot for about 100 new houses on a 25-acre parcel between 3rd Bay and 7th Bay streets along Ocean View Avenue.”

Welcome to Soviet Norfolkistan, where comrade Musick’s private property rights must be sacrificed for the good of the state. Why the very idea that a man should be able to refuse to sell the state his house, it’s ridiculous. You’d think Musnick lived in America or something…oh wait, he does. Someone should tell that to the politicos in Norfolk who are so drunk with power that they’re acting like members of the Soviet Politboro. What’s being done to the Musicks is not only disgraceful, it’s unamerican.

Hat tip to Neil Boortz for finding this one.

*** Update #1 ***: The Musicks should send Neil Boortz a Christmas present because he probably saved their house

“Councilman Barclay C. Winn insisted that the housing authority will not use its condemnation powers to take homes from residents on 6th and 7th Bay who recently were contacted by the NRHA about purchasing their homes.

“We’re not going to condemn a house just to build a larger house,” Winn said. “If they don’t want to sell, we’ll build around them.”

Yet Winn’s pronouncement was too late to prevent the topic from hitting the airwaves. Nationally-syndicated talk-show host Neal Boortz raised the issue on his show Thursday morning and gave out the housing authority’s e-mail address. Housing authority spokesperson Nancy Chapman said she had received dozens of e-mails by noon.”

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