Now I’ve Heard Everything: This

Now I’ve Heard Everything: This article just blows my mind…

“Mexico has denounced an ongoing U.S. initiative to bolster airport security, saying all it has done is round up hard-working, harmless undocumented immigrants.”

Uh, what?

“Beltrán (Mexican consul in Phoenix) said he failed to see how locking up illegal immigrants leads to increased security, noting that many of them have been cleaning Sky Harbor’s floors for years.”

Are we talking about the same illegal aliens who have no right to be in our country in the first place? They obviously have no respect for our laws or they wouldn’t be in the United States at all. I don’t want these people even in the country, much less working in an airport.

“Unless the airport operations cease, U.S-Mexican relations “may get sent back to the drawing board,” Beltrán said.”

Hey, I have news for Mr. Beltrán, the only thing we really want Mexico to do is to control their border. Unfortunately, since Mexico is a giant cesspool run by incompetent bureaucrats, they can’t even do that correctly. Maybe it’s just me but if huge portions of your population are desperately trying to escape your country maybe you have bigger problems to worry about than us busting a few of your fleeing citizens in an airport.

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