Mad props to blogger friend Phil for taking my idea and running away with it in the graphics department. Now the campaign can begin. It is one whose time has come, no matter what the results are day after tomorrow. After all, we have a lot of people walking around, free to speak, act and vote as you and I…who desperately need to be told NOW&IHAPBEY.

1. If you want people to sacrifice so global warming can be diverted, but you have a big car with more than 4 cylinders in the engine
2. If you have switched your house to CFL’s because of global warming but your bathroom is FULLY lit
3. If you want taxes to be raised because we all need to do our part, but every year you pay what you owe and not a single nickel more
4. If #3 applies although you fully well know you’re one of the “richest Americans” that you’re always complaining about
5. If you use the word “greedy” to describe people who just want to keep what they have earned
6. If you use FaceBook to “stay in contact with friends and relatives,” but you really use it to push liberal propaganda and then un-friend whoever doesn’t enthusiastically agree
7. If you complain about Rush Limbaugh but have never listened to his program
8. If you complain about not enough women taking part in the political process, then turn around and wish openly that Sarah Palin would just shut up and go away
9. If you think the worst of conservatives you have never met just because someone else told you to
10. If you hate the Citizens v. United Supreme Court decision, because free speech rights should not apply to those money-grubbing corporations, just people…and, of course, labor unions…
11. If you pontificate at length about the virtues of free speech, but fling around slogans about how Fox News needs to be shut down
12. If you think men need to be more in touch with their feelings
13. If you think it is a problem that men don’t cry often enough
14. If you think girls need to grow up to voice their opinions without anybody asking for them…but boys should keep their opinions to themselves and make the effort to find out what girls think…
15. If you think we need to sit down and talk to our enemies, but can’t tell me what’s going to get talked about
16. If you complain about all the problems in the world caused by religion, and simply ignore the problems that were caused by secularists
17. If #16 applies and you know absolutely nothing about the good works that have been done over the centuries by religious people, because you just don’t want to think about it
18. If you say things to the effect of Christianity being just as bad as radical Islam, and the only example you can offer of Christian oppression is something like “The Crusades? Huh? Hey, what about that?”
19. If #18 applies and you cannot name any of the centuries in which The Crusades took place
20. If all your arguments about why Obama should have been elected come down to wonderful, superlative things about Him…but you cannot name what, exactly, any of these things are
21. If you think it’s a terrible problem that kids are exposed to violence on the television and in movies, but snark away at other people who object to too much sex on the television and in movies
22. If you bark away with the word “racism” any time anybody proposes a solution to vote fraud
23. If you have any kind of opinion about illegal immigration that you want to express without using the word “illegal”
24. If you think women wearing skimpy Halloween costumes would be a great way for them to show their independence, when they aren’t doing that yet…but once they start wearing them, you call it a symbol of male opppression…
25. If you’re a schoolteacher who says “I’m not here to teach you what to think I’m here to teach you how to think”…and day by day, you practice the exact opposite of that in your classroom…

Because when you’re such an oh-so-fashionable lefty liberal, hypocrisy & confirmation bias are still bad things. People may not like that, but it’s true.

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