NRCC’s Young Guns!

NRCC’s Young Guns!

The following are the first group of Republicans for the House in the “Young Guns program” (seriously, could we try and not come up with such geeky type names for things?) , created last cycle by Congressmen Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Paul Ryan (R-WI), it is a challenger program run n by the NRCC to help House Republican candidates prepare to defeat Democrats on Election Day. NRCC says this is not an endorsement, but rather a recognition of the hard work and achievements of these ten candidates.

I am very excited by Allen West, not only because he is right on the issues and is a fantastic speaker, but because I am ready for black conservatives to have a much louder voice in the Republican party. The others I am not so familiar with. So, if you are from the area where one of these “young guns” are from, let me know what you think of them.

The first Young Guns are:

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-Steve Chabot (OH-01)
-Tim Griffin (AR-02)
-Andy Harris (MD-01)
-Pat Meehan (PA-07)
-Steve Pearce (NM-02)
-Martha Roby (AL-02)
-Dennis Ross (FL-12)
-Steve Stivers (OH-15)
-Vaughn Ward (ID-01)
-Allen West (FL-22)

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